Great Start Preschool

Great Start Preschool is a faith based, developmentally appropriate community preschool located at Lifespring Community Church.  We enjoy a multi-age classroom of children ages 3-5. Students entering in September should be three years old no later than June 1. Classroom size is limited to 15 students and supervised by one head teacher and two assistant teachers.  Our teacher/student ratio of 1:5 allows generous time for 1 to 1 activity and conversation, as well as individual assistance in play and learning tasks.  Classes meet twice weekly with a third day option for those eligible for Kindergarten the following September.  Our third day is known as "Friday Friends" and is separate curriculum geared even more toward preparation for the rigors of kindergarten. 

Each day students are engaged in active learning through "hands on" activities.  This includes art materials to encourage creativity, table tasks and games to develop conversation and cooperation, play centers to inspire imagination, and teacher directed group instruction to advance academic growth. 

As a Christian preschool, we use many opportunities to speak four biblical truths into the heart and life of each child. 

            1. God made me and has a purpose for my life. 

            2. God loves and cares for me daily. 

            3. God listens when I talk to him. 

            4. God asks me to love Him and love others before myself. 

These truths will foster trust and confidence in God, as well as a responsibility to treat others with care and kindness as each venture out into a bigger world.  Great Start speaks to these truths through Bible Stories, prayer and daily conversations.  Our staff strives to live out these truths in our words and interactions in the classroom each day.  

Thank you for your consideration of Great Start Preschool for your family.  We welcome prospective parents and students to visit our classroom and observe.  Please call Lifespring Community Church office at 585-394-3517 to speak with Laurie Lundeen and schedule a visit soon.  We look forward to meeting you! 


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